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Revenue Inflation is a London based social media agency, with a track record of delivering measurable results to Dental Practices all over the US.

Whether you're looking for more or better quality leads, need to increase ROI, or are just dipping your toe into digital advertising, our team have the tools to deliver results.

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Social advertising is effective in re-engaging previous website visitors or in reaching new patients through highly targeted adverts. This drives sales and builds your brand across socials.


We can create quality, specialist copy that is industry specific and written to encourage conversions or compliment your SEO strategy.


Your practice can show creative image and video adverts to relevant users across a network of over 2 million websites and mobile apps.


Whether it’s a landing page or a website that you are driving traffic too, it is important to offer the user a quality, mobile-first experience with relevant content and clear call to actions.


PPC ensures that your practice is findable to potential patients when they are searching online. Be present when it matters most.


Improve your website’s organic ranking online for certain keywords in the dental sector. Build a solid foundation of credibility, brand awareness and domain authority.


We provide weekly video updates on your online social advertising campaigns.

email marketing

We manage your email marketing for you, which includes installing an autoresponder on the website which quite literally starts to respond to the visitor.

OUr Case Studies

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19% Conversion rate

This Dental Practice (anonymized for client confidentiality) struggled to acquire new clients and averaged only about 5 new patients per month before using this system.

This Dental Practice used exclusive lead generation, lead follow up, and lead nurturing system that was completely custom branded to their practice.

As shown by the report social media lead generation was able to attract a huge number of new clients with a conversion rate of 19%!
"After only a couple weeks we have patients and they are not flaky. They are going for treatment."
Dr Maryam Farmani

£248.7k confirmed revenue

This Dental Practice (anonymized for client confidentiality) came to us to grow their business. Competitors were already starting to use social media so they struggled acquiring new clients.

This Dental Practice used our exclusive lead generation model through our main social media platform (Facebook) to give them 1 new client within the first week!

As shown by the report social media lead generation allowed the company to target people who wanted more expensive procedures thus racking up a huge amount of confirmed revenue.
"Two patients have walked into my clinic this past week and one has booked a filling! I'll be honest, I did not expect to start seeing results this soon."
Dr Kevin

1076 leads

This Dental Practice (anonymized for client confidentiality) has been a client of ours for a long period of time.

This Dental Practice used exclusive social media lead generation to consistently gain new patients over the year.

As shown by the report, the net growth of the company over the year was £4.1m, with a consistent growth in their numbers.
"We wanted to increase our patient numbers and grow the business.  We are in a very competitive location and felt we needed a coordinated digital marketing strategy to achieve this. Excellent working relationship with the team - Lines of communication are always open and they are more than happy to discuss the campaigns and our business needs at any time."
Karen Premi
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