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We provide a range of social media services to businesses all around the world to define their market and grow loyal customers.


E-Commerce 1

This is an example of an ongoing cold audience and re-targeting campaign for an e-commerce business that was doing little to no sales through Facebook ads ….


E-Commerce 2

This is a sales promotion we ran using Facebook ads for another e-commerce business. With the sale only expected to last 6 days, both targeting and copy had to be right from the …


Keller Williams

Keller Williams is a real estate platform based in the United States. Our company helped generate hundreds of leads for their realtors by…



This client needed help selling her Digital product so we helped the client get leads for $1.50 with a 40%+ opt-in rate for the lead magnet.We also …



ShaveJack is a Switzerland based company providing customers with a razor blade subscription . We provided sales through social media such as …

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FitNation App

FitNation is a freemium app that offers in-app purchases for customizable features. It focuses on improving the users health and fitness through creating personalized meal plans. For this …


Physio Spa

Physio Spa is unique in Zrenjanin and located in an exclusive location, in the very center of the hotel in the Vojvodina Hotel. We helped them attract new members through various digital …