Realtor-Growth Business Package:

Honestly a one of a kind service - Their approach isn’t ‘one cap fits all’, very accommodating to our needs and to top it all off they have free SMM and email followup
— Ruth lloyd
We have been using this service for just over four months now and can honestly say it is one of the best investments we have made. We receive a regular stream of appointments, leads are happy to talk on the phone, and any help needed is responded to almost instantly. Would most definitely recommend.
— Dorothy White


What’s the most important thing realtors need in order to grow and earn more commission?

Leads. Plain and simple. The best realtors in the world can’t do anything without a pipeline of warm leads, whereas even the worst salesman will be able to close a deal with a huge number of leads. It’s all a numbers game.

We generate leads using a combination of Google Ads, Telesales & Social Media Marketing for a wide range of realtors around the US. We create landing pages using your brand, qualify each lead using our own sales agents as a member of your staff and send it over to you. Every lead we provide is bespoke to your business - we do not sell the same lead multiple times! This enables us to generate leads quickly and efficiently for any business.

Since we are exclusive, we do not work with more than two realtors in one area. This helps us form better relationships with realtors and provide higher quality leads by not competing against ourselves with two different ads in an area.

This service follows a Pay-per-lead model and as such, you will only pay for the leads you receive, not pay a monthly retainer and hope you will receive leads for the month.

This service is designed to build up your brand, engage and grow your Facebook page, and most importantly provide you with the highest quality leads, complete with appointments specific to you, in order to close more deals.

This package includes:

Highly Qualified Leads with appointments

The leads we provide will be complete with:

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Type of house they are looking for

  • Budget

  • Area they would like to buy in

  • Plan of financing

  • Plan to sell current home or not

  • and lastly, the time of the appointment in which they will be expecting you, and only you, to call them.

Social Media management

Buying at least 10 leads a month automatically qualifies you for free Social Media management for the month, which includes : Setting up, fixing and managing all relevant Social Media accounts for your business. This involves posting engaging & valuable content everyday of the month on all relevant Social Media channels, Facebook offers, contests and quizzes being organised, as well as replying to each and every customer wanting assistance on the page.

Email list generation

Buying at least 10 leads a month automatically qualifies you for free Email list generation for the month, which includes : Building up of your email list through various ways including giveaways, marketing funnels and Facebook offers etc. Management of the email campaigns will also be included to further market these leads and encourage them to book appointments through the use of weekly newsletters to update the list on promotions and valuable content.

Monthly report and analysis

All of the results of every single campaign we run on behalf of your page will be trackable at any point in time, and every month there will be a customised report detailing exactly what has been achieved for your business.

If you are interested in purchasing this package or would like to learn more about our services, please contact us today.