Our Services


Social Media Management

Having a good Social Media presence is essential. A good Facebook and Twitter presence will engage with your existing patients, it encourages them to share your details with their friends and family.The average Facebook user has 50 friends. If you can get just 10 of your patients to recommend your practice via their Facebook page this would be seen by 500 people, the power of Social Media can not be overstated. Social Media is also an ideal platform to project what is going on at the practice in a much less formal way than a website. Your Social Media platform can inform your patients about new technology, what is happening at the practice, what your staff and patients are up to etc. We post every day for you on relevant Social media sites to your practice.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your site can’t be found easily by potential visitors there is really no point in having one. This is particularly true with mobile search, whilst people may be prepared to look beyond the top four or five listings on a desktop or laptop, this isn’t the case on a mobile device. Search engine optimisation will take between three and six months to ensure that you are on page one and ideally at the top of page one on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We take five key words and start to optimise your site for these words, they would be something like dentist in Ipswich, dental implants, facial aesthetics etc. When someone enters one of these key words in a search, your site will rank in your geographic area at or close to the top of page one of Google.

Email Marketing

We manage your email marketing for you, which includes installing an autoresponder on the website which quite literally starts to respond to the visitor.This is vital for treatments such as implants, where visitors barely ever make a quick decision. the auto-responder will send out a series of “did you know” emails which builds trust and confidence so that when they do make a decision they normally choose you. In addition to this we can also load up your database of email addresses and we can use this to deliver considered marketing messages to existing customers.

Website Design

We will build a new website, the emphasis with this will be on conversion rather than looking pretty. The site will have strong headlines, which immediately attract the visitors attention and keeps it, just like a newspaper or magazine. There will be video on most of the pages where we are trying to influence patients to take action e.g. implants, whitening, facial. The site will be mobile ready and there will be a contact form on most pages which will not only send a message to the practice but it will also collect the email address from the visitor and deliver regular emails to them. The seven second rule affects every website, that is if a visitor comes to your site and isn’t immediately engaged with your content, they will leave. This is true of the vast majority of dental websites.