We provide a huge number of services to our clients which vary largely, depending specifically on the needs of the client. These services can be separated into three different categories as detailed below: 


Social Media Account Management

Social Media account management includes setting up, fixing and managing all relevant Social Media accounts for your business. This involves daily posting on all relevant Social Media accounts with quality content, Facebook offers, contests and quizzes being organised, as well as replying to each and every customer wanting assistance on the page.


Advertising and Collecting Leads

Advertising and collecting leads involves the use of Facebook ads, Google ads, and potentially Instagram ads if relevant for your business. As well as building up your email list through various ways including giveaways, marketing funnels, PR articles written about the business etc. We will then manage the email campaigns, to convert these leads into paying customers.


SEO and Website Assistance

SEO involves building backlinks, social bookmarking, local PR, listings/review sites and both off-site and on-site SEO to help your business rank much higher in the Google search engine. Website assistance is also offered to optimise your website to convert your leads into customers.

Packages Available:


Elite-Growth Package:

+ Social Media management

+ Running 1 paid advertising campaign

+ Email list generation

+ Monthly report and analysis

Hyper-Growth Package:

+ Social Media management

+ Running 4 paid advertising campaigns

+ Email list generation & SEO

+ PR Articles

+ Monthly report and analysis


Realtor-Growth Package:

+ Generation of qualified leads with appointments

+ Pay per lead, no monthly retainer

+ Social Media management

+ Monthly report and analysis


Free 14-Day Trial:

We also offer a free 14 day Trial where we can offer you the features of the Elite-Growth package for 14 days.

There is no requirement to stay with us after the 14 day trial and this is perfect for businesses who are unsure about whether Social Media and internet advertising would work for them. If this is something which you would be interested in, please contact us today.

You will have FULL insight into everything that influences your leads and customers and the path they take to find out more about your business. Our services available here will allow you to increase website traffic dramatically, which means more leads, more customers and eventually increased revenue. This is done through:

- Attracting customers with valuable content

- Nurturing them with valuable updates via e-mail and Social Media

- Eventually converting them into sales leads over time.

Which can all be done for less than the cost of a Full-Time Employee!